projects realized with the DisplayDriver

List of selected projects, realized with the DisplayDriver family of video wall management software solutions.

DisplayDriver projects

Maritime Safety and Security Centre Cuxhaven

(c) BVMI, MSZ Cuxhaven
(c) BVMI, MSZ Cuxhaven

client: 2016, KST Moschkau GmbH

project: command and control room for the maritime Safety and Security Centre of the north sea in Cuxhaven Germany

2 LCD-video walls 4x3 and 5x4 and multiple single displays and personal videowalls were equipped with the distributed displayDrvier system. The center was opened in february 2017

used products:

meetwise mdd DC1,  meetwise mdd EC1 und meetwise mdd Master

Press release

Delta Hannover Fair 2016

client: 2016, Delta Electronics  

project: Videowall Delta Electronics booth on HMI 2016

setup: 3x2 55" Ultranarrow Bezel LCDs  meetwise Displaydriver Videowallserver mit control via Smartphone / Tablet

dynamic Layouts with free rotating sources

used meetwise products:
meetwise displayDriver, Matrox Mura based controller

Delta Electronics Stand auf der HMI 2016
Delta Electronics Stand auf der HMI 2016

control room block-type thermal power station Airport munich

client: 2016, ME Automation GmbH

project : new 4x2 cube video wall, Video controller und Wey Technology KVM System for 3 operators

setup: 4x2 LED Cubes from Mitsubishi, meetwise Displaydriver Videowallserver controlled by WeyTec KVM System, 3 operator places with WeyTec KVM System inkl Wey SmartTouch Keyboards.

used products:

meetwise displayDriver, Matrox Mura based  video wall controller

main fire station of fire department Krefeld

client: 2015, KST Moschkau GmbH

project: new control room of fire department Krefeld

set up: net work based system - meetwise distributed DisplayDriver for videowall, projectors and displays across the fire department 

used products:
meetwise mdd DC01,meetwise mdd TC01, meetwise mdd EC01 and meetwise mdd Master

(c) KST Moschkau, Hauptfeuerwehrwache Krefeld
(c) KST Moschkau, Hauptfeuerwehrwache Krefeld

police crisis centre in Wroclaw Poland

client : 2014 MARES Sp. z o.o.

project: Centrum Zarzadzania Kryzysowego in Wroclaw

setup : video controller for 8x2 NEC TFT Videowall, 

used meetwise products:
meetwise displayDriver, Matrox Mura based controller


Centrum Zarzadzania Kryzysowego in Wroclaw
Centrum Zarzadzania Kryzysowego in Wroclaw

TenneT Arnhem power net control

client: 2013/2014 Bilfinger Mauell BV, Niederlande
Videocontroller, 6x3 Mitsubishi Cube Videowall,


Project:Netherland National Control Centre, Arnhem, TenneT

integration of room control: lighting, sound, door and blinds control via DisplayDriver Software.
Integration and control of a  DualLink Digital KVM Matrix Switch

DualLink source capturing with Matrox Mura MPX


Airbus Hamburg, surveillance of 3D cave

client: 2013, Viscon GmbH

project: Surveilance of a VR cube solutions, display of 16 DVI signals on one screen


used meetwise products:

meetwise displayDriver, Matrox Mura based video wall controller

LVR Museum Bonn

client: 2013 Germany, LVR Landesmuseum Bonn, Sigrid Redhardt

art project Projektionen" of the artist Sigrid Redhardt- 21st february -  5th may 2013 in LVR Landesmuseum Bonn.

Link zur Pressemeldung

used meetwise products:

matrox mura based video wall controller, 2 time 2x2 Mitsubishi Cube Videowall, and additioanl controllers for 4 screen video output Videowiedergabe, automated start and shutdown.

(c) Sigrid Redhardt, VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2013
(c) Sigrid Redhardt, VG Bild Kunst Bonn 2013

A22 highway, italy - USER ASSISTANCE CENTRE

client: 2012/13 Italy, A22 Autostrada del Brennero, Trento

Video controller, Video decoder and DisplayDriver Video wall management, 10x2 Cube Videowall
Video decoder for over 150 cameras, Integration into the traffic management software


Press release from the client


From the client:

"This innovative and high-performance system means operators at the new UAC can see the feeds from up to 180 cameras at a glance, shown simultaneously on the video wall uninterruptedly and using the same user interface as before, also allowing individual control of each feed. This increased efficiency in the control room."

A22 CAU Trento
A22 CAU Trento

office building Düsseldorf

client: 2013 Bilfinger Mauell GmbH, Germany, Oberhausen

Digital Signage usage with control via Apple iPad.

3x3 LCD video wall, for interactive use 


3x3 LCD wall, digital Signage
3x3 LCD wall, digital Signage

traffic control Düsseldorf

client: 2013 Bilfinger Mauell GmbH, Germany, Verkehrsleitzentrale, Düsseldorf

5x3 Cube Videowall,

touch control via Apple iPad

website of the project - VLTZ Düsseldorf


waste incineration plant - Rozenburg

client: 2012 Netherlands waste incineration plant Rozenburg,

retrofit of an existing 6x1 Cube Videowall

software integration into the existing SCADA software.


district heating control room

client: 2011, Germany, Vattenfall district heating control room, Berlin

meetwise reporter KVM technology to add source to video wall solutions, integration into existing video wall solutions