Control of displays (Cubes, TFTs)

Most professional displays support the setting and reading of measured values and settings via network interfaces. These values can be acquired with the display driver and displayed (such as lamp hours, temperature) and depending on the model also can be written again (power on / off, brightness). This provides the users with a complete control of the video wall system from one user interface.

Particularly the cubes of the Mitsubishi 70 series are fully supported via the web interface the display driver. All feature of these cubes are available via the web interface of the DisplayDriver.

Displays from DELTA, NEC, LG and selected Samsung Displays are supported too. On customers request other Displays can be supported too.

adaptive brightness and colour control

brightness control
brightness control

The brightness and color temperature of displays can be controlled automatically or manually from the DisplayDriver. With this functionality displays in control room can be dimmed down for the night time and allow for an ergonomic 24/7 working environment.

supported displays


LCD Displays and Cubes with LED or Laser light sources are fully supportedwerden.


Displays from commercial Professional range are supported


The Cubes of the 70 series are fully supported and can be controlled via the webinterface of the DisplayDriver. Additionially the LCD VS series can be integrated.


Displays from  the X Series are supported


Additional Displays can be added.

meetwise DisplayDriver - Download

meetwise DisplayDriver Whitepaper (de) (358.6 KiB)