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Each control room project is different from the next. A video wall solution that really fits, needs to be open, adaptable and flexible to project specific needs. Integrators need solutions that are flexible, meet the most modern standards and are reliable at the same time.

As a software and solution provider we are partnering we integrators ranging from selling licences to consulting and servicing with turn key solutions.

We are offering classic single controller solutions (also called matrix PC or split PC) und modern distributed network based video wall management solutions.

meetwise DisplayDriver

meetwise DisplayDriver - A22 Trento, Italy
meetwise DisplayDriver - A22 Trento, Italy

The meetwise DisplayDriver is a software solution for displaying, configuring and managing views (windows) of multiple desktop and video sources on a video wall.

The software front and back ends are completely web based, so that it can be used with any client (PC applications, browser, tablet, smartphone) using open web standards and thus even can be integrated into third-party systems.

We are adapting the software and the user interface to each projects need. We believe that every customer and every projects has different need for control and workflow and only a customized solution can really suit the customer.

With the meetwise Display Driver you can position sources anywhere on the videowall independent of the operating system and the number of screens. meetwise Display Driver is working with multiple video and capture cards, so that a hardware and manufacturer independent usage is possible.

your solution

Support for additional sources and customers specific control routines can be added and adapted to the customers needs.
Please get in contact with our solution provider partners, to discuss your personal needs and how these can be addressed with the DisplayDriver.

detailed information

On these following pages you find more detailed information about the meetwise DisplayDriver: