meetwise DisplayDriver - integration

Our software solution DisplayDriver can communicate with a lot a external systems and controls. This enables the integrator to set up complex scenarios on the video wall.

Integration can be done in both "directions". Third-party software like traffic management solutions can commuincate and control our system, so that e.g. layouts can be called directly form the users software. In the other direction our software is able to control KVM systems, shades and speak various serial protocols

Our open interfaces can be adopted to project specific needs.

meetwise Display Driver - API

All functions of the Display Driver are available via an open and documented API based on the REST HTTP protocol.
Thus third-party systems (eg SCADA) can control all functions of the video wall without using the web user interface of the display driver. Operators of the video wall do not have to learn any new software interface, but can continue to use their familiar work environment. This way a fast and efficient introduction of video wall system can be achieved.
The API can be used by the customer to implement their own functions directly into the Display Driver. For example, how to include external data, weather data, retrieve and trigger based on their own rules actions on the video wall. These rules may be modified by scripts at runtime and allows for a flexible use of the video wall for future scenarios.

Additional Interfaces

We a generally able to control or read data from lots of external systems. This way you can e.g. control the lighting in your control room and the videowall from one interface.
Among others:

  • TCP / IP REST Interfaces
  • Wey Technolgy KVM Switches
  • IHSE KVM Switches
  • Crestron controls
  • Moxa Controls
  • ModBus Protocol
  • serial protocols

have already been used in several projects. The core system is able to be expanded to interact with your clients control system. Please send us your technical specifaction so we can come up with a solution for you.