KVM - solutions for video walls and operator work places

Freedom of choices

KVM DualLink unit
KVM DualLink unit

A control room mostly consists of a video wall and multiple operator workplaces. Since the operators will need to do more and more complex tasks a KVM systems is often needed and used.

To be able to take full control the KVM system and the video wall need to share sources and be able to communicate with each other.

We are offering you manufacturer independent consulting, which KVM technique and solution will fit your project best.

different clients - different solutions

Each control room project has specific needs, so that for each project we are able to choose the right technology for the available budged.

Ranging from CAT, over fiber to IP based solution, a high bandwith of KVM solution are available. Each of these technologies and vendors have specific pros and cons in the usage.

In the the daily use of a control room, clear and easy usage and UI and best possible reliablity is key. To choose the right base technology is important to keep up with the ever changing needs in your control room project.

integration with the display driver

UI KVM Matrix control
UI KVM Matrix control

KVM solutions can be controlled via the DisplayDriver or vice versa. This allows the operator to control the whole system from one user interface. Combined with concepts like free seating complex operating scenarios can be deployed.