Controller - hardware solutions for video walls in control rooms

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Controller with Matrox Mura cards
Controller with Matrox Mura cards

Since a software needs a good hardware base to show its full potential, we are also offering hardware solutions to offer your a complete turn key solution.

Video wall controller are the server which are equipped with special graphic cards which offer a lot of physical in and outputs. These controllers are also called Split PC, Matrix Controller or simple video wall controllers.

The number of input and outputs can vary from 4 to 56. These professional systems are able to output source signals across all outputs, in best image quality without any latency.

Manufactures like Matrox and Datapath offer these kind of special graphic hardware which support a high number of output signals. It is possible to create one large desktop to show applications, video and camera sources.

Videocontroller can be used with LCD Display, LED walls and rear projection cubes.

Depending on your needs, we are building the right hardware controller for you.

Matrox Mura MPX controller

Matrox Mura cards
Matrox Mura cards

The products from the Matrxo Mura MPX series are fully integrated and supported by meetwise DisplayDriver. These cards offer FullHD input and outputs for digital and analog video signals. All sources can be freely scaled and positioned accross the desktop. Every graphical output is done with pure hardware overlay so the and lossless and latency free output is possible.

This series is used in projects with larger walls with a lot of sources, since these cards are especially well suited to handle a lot of video signals. 

The  Matrox Mura  series supports Windows 7 professional 64bit and support Desktop up to  56 screens.

  • up to 56 Outputs (DVI-D Single Link or VGA, max 1920x1200@60Hz)
  • up to 56 Inputs (DVI-D Single Link or VGA, max 1920x1200@60Hz)
  • alternativly up to 28 sources (DVI-D DualLink,max 2560x1600@60Hz)
  • up to 128 analog Video sources (PAL,NTSC)

We are offering you consulting the choose the right server and configuration for your project.