meetwise distributed DisplayDriver - network based video walls

the flexible, decentralized, network based video wall solution

distributed video wall example setup
distributed video wall example setup

Decentralized video wall management systems are IP network based systems, which are composed of stand alone units (input, management and output nodes), in contrast to classic video wall controllers (so called splitt PCs, or matrix controllers).

All sinks and sources communicate via standard Ethernet network protocols and the data is transported via common IP technology over standard switches. There is no proprietary hardware needed (like expensive matrix switches) and the network can be easily changed or expanded at any time.

On the output side (sink) every display is connected to its own stand alone hardware (decoder - meetwise DC1) to display all available sources. Input wise (source) hard- and software sources are support to get the signals of various sources into the IP network. 

The whole systems is managed by one or multiple master units.

Since all nodes (units) are stand alone - even if one of them fails, the whole system still runs with only small outtakes like one missing screen or source. So the resilience against hardware or power failures is much higher than on conventional video wall systems. Redundancy can be built in on multiple switches, multiple master and redundant network connections.

Last but not least, additional nodes can be added with ease, so the integration of further screens or sources is possible every time, without limitations at very reasonable costs. The system will grow with your needs and your application.

Installation, Setup and Service

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