meetwise DisplayDriver - integration

Our software solution DisplayDriver can communicate with a lot a external systems and controls. This enables the integrator to set up complex scenarios on the video wall. 

Integration can be done in both "directions". Third-party software like traffic management solutions can commuincate and control our system, so that e.g. layouts can be called directly form the users software. In the other direction our software is able to control KVM systems, shades and speak various serial protocols

  • KVM Switches - IHSE
  • Creston input devices
  • Extron - z.b. Control of audio mixes
  • serial protocols (RS232,RS485) via gateways to control external systems
  • Displays from various vendors
  • Infrared control

Our open interfaces can be adopted to project specific needs.

meetwise DisplayDriver - API

All functions of the DisplayDrivers are available via an open and documented API based on the HTTP REST or telnet Protokoll. With this API third party software vendors are able to take full control of a video wall. For the operators their daily usage gets much easier, since they are not forced to use an video wall management system additionally to their daily work. It is possible to call layouts right from the SCADA application instead of switch to our user interface.

project specific API

Our API is built in a way that makes it easily adoptable to the project specific needs. For example we create a new API for Creston control panels to make it easier to control certain aspect of the video wall.

If you wish to control our solution from your application, please get in touch, so that we can find the right solution for you.