meetwise distributed DisplayDriver decoder DC2

meetwise decoder DC2
meetwise decoder DC2

The meetwise MDD DC2 is a hardware unit to decode and display network video and audio streams. It supports various video, picture, remote desktop and text formats as well as every other source that can be encoded into networks streams via network encoders (e.g. the EC1).

The DC2 supports output resolutions up to 4k60 (3840x2160@60Hz) and offers a Displayport 1.4 and a HDMI 2.0b connectors. Audio connections are available via HDMI,DP and 3,5mm analog stereo jack.

Up to 9 FullHD H.264 Videostream can be decoded and displayed in paralled. The hardware supports the playback of videostream in various encodings and resolutions. Each stream can be freely scaled and positioned on the display.

Depending on content and placement even more KVM oder remote desktop streams can be displayed at the same time on one decoder.

Each decoder has two redundant network connections. So in case of a failure in the switch the device swaps offer to the secondary network port, without any user interaction.

The decoders are powered by an external power supply. The typical power consumption is 35 Watts.

Built in redundany and easy maintenance

All connections are beeing monitored and are refreshed if needed. So in case a connection to a source (e.g IP camera) is lost, the system will try to reestablish the connection until the source device is available again.

The integrated hardware watchdogs guarantees a reliable 24/7 work. In case of a power failure the decoder restarts itself when the power is back on.

The network decoder DC2 is delivered including all needed software licences. There are no limitations on the number or kind of supported sources. This way the decoder is ready for whatever tasks you got for it in the future.

Everything is fully packaged and ready to use. The whole system runs from a built in SSD in can be updated automatically via the master units.