meetwise distributed DisplayDriver master M2

meetwise master M2
meetwise master M2

The hardware meetwise MDD-M2 is the master unit for the a distributed video wall.

The master manages all other nodes (decoders, encoders, transcoders, IP sources..) und assigns the tasks to decoders and transcoders. It also offers the API to other third party systems like room control (crestron, AMX..) or SCADA systems.

The master offers a web based user interfaces, which allows users to control and manage the complete MDD network.

Since the user interface is completly web based, it can be used by various clients (PC browser, tablet, smartphone...), which only need to be able to display modern web pages. The are no limitations in the licence of the master regarding the number of supported nodes in a network.

The master is able to control many real or virtual video walls with different resolutions and sizes.

control of the video walls

graphical editor, layout control
graphical editor, layout control

The web based user interface allows loading, editing and control of the layouts (presets) for each video wall. 

For an easy usage the graphical editor offers a  real time preview of the walls and all its sources (windows). Each window can be edited in its position, size. A live bezelcorrection is built in, which allows you to adjust the display of the windows on the wall regarding the size of the borders of the screens. A system can be made of multiple walls, each with mulitple Displays of different sizes and resolutions.

Besides the output side, the master also manages all sources, their names, grouping and individual network and video settings (like input, deinterlace, quality..)

Multiple clients can use and work with the master at the same time, there are no restrictions regarding the number of parallel clients, layouts, sources and presets. Since the user interface runs in a browser it can be used on any OS without the need for installation of control software.

Our system does not introduce virtual restrictions to keep you buying additional licences, since we know how flexible and evolving the needs of an modern video wall are.


built-in redundancy

To be able to work in a 24/7 environment, the solution must offer best in class stability and reliability.

Since the master is a crucial piece in the distributed approach to video walls, multiple masters can work together in managing one video network.
The active master synchronizes all current settings and values with the backup masters constantly. So if the active master should fail, on of the backup masters will take of instantly. For the local user the switching is transparent so that he doesn't need to do anything to continue working with the wall, as if nothing happend.

We are not offering only dual masters, you can scale the number of master to any number you like, depending on your needs and network setup.